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Saugatuck Sweets is a most welcome addition to the town of Westport.  Its hard to believe that a place like that hasn’t always been there.  Reminiscent of an old time soda shop, kids and adults alike can load up on candies and the most delicious ice cream around (by Longfords).  A perfect way to cap off a yummy dinner at the Whelk.  It is just what this area needed and a another highlight of the rebirth of Riverside Avenue. 575 Riverside Avenue, Westport


Lindsey Berns, a celebrity favorite,  makes the most beautiful clothing for little ones.  Each piece is unique, chic, comfortable and timeless.  Her looks reflect many of the hottest seasons trends without being too trendy.  Think Celine coolness meets Chloe sweetness with lots of individuality thrown in.  Pieces sell out fast so act quickly and and enjoy. Be prepared for lots of compliments…  Too bad the pieces don’t come in bigger sizes or I would be sporting all her peasant tops and dresses!



FC sat down with Elizabeth Kohn, New York City Interior Designer and creator of the new blog “Cream Colored Pony”, to talk style and design.

FC: How would you describe your style?

EK: I am a mixed bag- classic sophisticated, throw in a little bit of the latest fashion, to casual comfort.  I just love beautiful things in all forms.  It all depends where I am going and what mood I am in.

FC: Who or what is inspiring you right now?

James Turrell exhibition I saw last August in LACMA is still the most influential exhibit I have seen in the last 8 months.  Count Guiseppe Panza do Biuma wrote on the power of Turrell’s work, “Our soul is able to overcome rational limits and reach some kind of total knowledge. Loving nature (s) endless beauty is the way to reach that truth.”  Last month I got to see the Alexander Calder’s mobile exhibition at LACMA, and fell in love with his ability to balance objects in air, with thin sheets of metal, creating volume and beauty.  
FC: What is your favorite room in your house and why?

I am drawn to any room that is sun filled, so it would probably be my living room.  It has lots of textures from leather, sisal, woven fabrics, various woods, ceramics & glass which together create many layers and nuances that catch the eye.

FC: Anything you collect?

I like a little of everything.  I tend not to collect multiples of anything, I have in the past and then just get bored with them and wanted to sell them.   For instance, I used to collect lots of colorful Danish glassware from End of History, and now prefer more earthenware pieces.  So a small collection here and there suites me better.

FC: What is your favorite place to shop for clothes? 

 I just found a boutique on the upper east side that had some great things called, Juju S’Amuse. There I bought a great white raincoat, silver structured top, and some great sweaters.  I feel like it’s the inexpensive version of Isabel Marant but you have to be selective.  I also had some luck this wknd finding a vintage Alaia black leather pencil skirt at Selima on Bond and a cool black angular top and comfy pants at Zero & Maria Cornejo.  I find each designer has a few great pieces to mix into your wardrobe.
FC: What is your favorite restaurant? 

 Dining out and trying new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do.  ZZ’s clam bar rocks. Their uni toast, and beef carpaccio with uni, lobster and caviar is out of this world!
FC: What is your favorite vacation spot?

I try to go to different places as much as I can, but recently highlighted Tulum on my blog which is a great, easy chill place to vacation to.  Still on my list: Israel, Oman, Jerusalem, Turkey, Beirut, Bhutan, Peru.  
FC: What is your biggest decorating pet peeve?

Chintz’s, enough said.
FC: What is your best decorating tip?

First, you can never go wrong or tire of neutrals.  Second, you pay for what you get.